Our Classrooms

Toddlers - children from 15 months to 2 years

The Toddlers environment is calming and has natural elements that bring children closer to nature. With a recent refurbishment to the outdoor environment, the children will enjoy their new natural play space. Mature educators who are parents themselves provide a safe and nurturing space for little ones to grow. Time is an essential element of this room to ensure that all children are given support to learn how to separate from their loved ones and begin to socialise in a supportive environment. Open-ended resources allow for discovery and cater for individual personalities and growing perceptions of the world.

toddler classroom

Junior Kindy - children from 2 to 3 years

Junior Kindy provides a space for children to further develop their skills. This room uses opportunities to hypothesise and make learning exciting. Experiences focus on children developing a positive self-image, whilst developing self help skills. Children are given opportunities to succeed but are also supported through times of disappointment when things become challenging or do not turn out as expected. Emphasis is around the development of self-help skills and the advancement of positive social interactions with peers, adults and the environment.

Junior Kindy Classroom

Pre-Kindy - children from 3 to 4 years

Progression to the Pre Kindy room usually indicates a need for further social interaction and entry to a slightly more structured and intentional teaching environment. Through a play based program, children are able to self-discover and use their own judgments and choices for play. Children's already developed self-help skills allow for a relaxed routine where individual needs are met for sleep and rest at differing times of the day. The large indoor space caters for the diverse interests of 3 - 4 year olds, which can often spill into the outdoor environment. This room prepares children for Kindergarten in the following year.

Pre Kindy Classroom

Kindergarten - children from 4 to 5 years

The Kindergarten room is a QLD funded Kindergarten program that is guided by the QLD Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (QKLG). Our qualified Early Childhood Teacher plans and implements a program that is educational and fun. Preparation for school is undertaken in a more structured learning program with opportunities utilised to meet learning outcomes as defined by the QKLG. A large component of the program is community based with opportunities to participate in many community functions and develop an environmental understanding. Literacy and numeracy are fundamental elements of the planned program each day.

Kindergarten Classroom

Our Playgrounds

  • Waterworld operates spring through to summer at all times of the day in a sun safe environment.
  • Large natural play spaces provide opportunities for children to explore and discover.
  • Our mud kitchen allows for messy and creative play.
  • Established trees and gardens provide spaces for quiet and solitude or for stories and conversations with educators.
  • Separate play space for Toddlers aged 15 months to 2 years.
  • Vegetable gardens, flowers, pot plants that children actively work in and care for. Worms and compost are used to improve soil in the gardens.
  • Extensive outdoor shade from sunsmart shade sails are in both play spaces allowing for free flowing of play at any time at any time of the day.
  • Turtles,fish and guinea pigs provide opportunities to learn about caring for living things and provide petting opportunites
  • Sustainable practices are embedded into all areas of the program - with an emphasis on upcycling re-useable materials for both creative arts and to build equipment.
  • A large paved area provides a safe space to ride bikes and scooters as well as tandem tricycles.


yard with flowers and signs

young girl doing artworks

four kids in an outdoor area wearing hats

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Love, Love, Love you all.  Thank you for making it an easy transition as I leave our 2 gorgeous boys with you!!  They have so much fun and talk about Kindy all the time, telling friends and family all about their day. Love the very natural environment provided for the children to explore and extend their learning!
We feel very comfortable leaving the boys in your very capable hands! Thank you Miss Kathy and Team, you are all amazing.

Peta and Shane Reader-Morse

We have been with Torquay kids for 2.5 years and love the centre, love the educators and the environment they provide our kids.

Sam Henry

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