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Torquay Kids' approach to early childhood education and care, offers children the opportunity to construct knowledge through daily experiences and encounters with parents, educators, friends, events, and objects in the world. Children are empowered and supported to develop theories, hypothesize and collaborate with others, thereby building knowledge and understanding.

Children are empowered and supported to develop theories, hypothesize and collaborate with others, thereby building knowledge and understanding. Childrens perspectives, interests and strengths are used as the foundation of the program.

The program at Torquay Kids is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. We use this to guide our daily practices and connections with our own community. At its core is its powerful image and deep respect for the culture of childhood as a time for learning and for its strong belief that children, educators and parents all work together in the process of building knowledge.

We are influenced by the approach's belief that children have rights; and aspire to support them in building knowledge about our local culture and history, as well as the future direction of our world, in order that they are able to contribute as a good citizen. 

We believe it is the right of every child to be part of a centre community that respects them and believes they are competent individuals who are viewed as co contributors to the process of learning. Our educators are selected by their passion to believe in the possibilities of what can happen when we trust and respect the capabilities of children. Read our centre philosophy here Centre-philosophy.pdf

Our Key Staff

Jay McBean -  Director/Nominated Supervisor

I am  the Director/Centre Manager for Torquay Kids

I am  honored to be apart of the AMAZING team here at Torquay Kids for the past seven years.

I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services. In 2012 and 2014 I was elected Educator of the year at Torquay Kids. In 2013 I was nominated and won Educator of the year for the Australian Family Education and Care awards for Queensland ,and was a finalist in 2016 for the same award. A major achievement in my ten years of being an Early Childhood Educator.

My  aim  is to provide an environment for children that is caring, trusting, respectful, loving and supportive of children's individual  needs in all areas of their development. I have been an educator in the rooms here prior to being appointed Director.

We pride ourselves on the dignity and respect that is shown to children with an emphasis on developing a sound social and emotional set of skills for childrens upcoming formal schooling years and learning

I invite you to visit our centre and experience the Torquay Kids difference.

Kathy Hogan - Assistant Director

I have been in the childcare profession for years over 25 years. I hold an Advanced Diploma of Children's Services and Diploma of Management. I was the Director of Torquay Kids for seven  and a half years before Miss Jay and am now supporting her as her Assistant Director. During this time I have had the honour of working with a most amazing team of skilled educators here, growing together in theoretical and contemporary understandings of early childhood education and care.

We received a rating of excellence through ACECQA in 2015, an achievement that was held for 3 years and one I am very proud of. I am happy to be now spending time back with the children and working alongside the group of professionals here at the centre. This is my second family and one I will continue to be a part of for many years to come

I invite you to visit our centre and experience the Torquay Kids difference, it is an experience that does not compare.


Tamara Hodder - Educational Leader

 My name is Tamara Hodder and I have been working at Torquay Kids for 6 years and am the Educational Leader.

I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and have been working in the childcare profession since 2008. As Educational Leader, I support, inspire and mentor all educators to maintain our rating of “Excellence”: supporting the team to develop a curriculum that maximises outcomes for each child as an individual learner. I support and embrace the creativity of our team by encouraging critical reflection of pedagogy and performance, influencing how they create inspiring and inquiring play spaces for children that broaden knowledge and open up a world of learning through meaningful experiences.  As an Educational Leader I love knowing that I can have a positive impact on children in the early years. I am committed to attend ongoing Professional Development opportunities, conferences and network meetings with other educators, Educational Leaders and services in the local area. I also strongly believe in doing my own research and readings to remain current and contemporary ideas and theories and to continue to broaden my understandings of what’s most important for young children.

As Educational Leader I have the opportunity to work closely with all educators in the Torquay Kids team and by having an open mind to ideas and discussions with my team which will have us grow, strengthen and expand our knowledge and skills to ensure the benchmark of Excellence in Childcare and Education is maintained.

Fiona Schafer - Early Childhood Teacher

Hi my name is Fiona Schafer, I have worked in & around the Early Childhood field for 26 years . I love working with the children and the families at Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre. 

I am a 4 year qualified, Registered Teacher with a passion for Early Childhood and the key role this can play in a child's future academic life. I recognise the individuality of each child and family; meet the child's current needs and help them to achieve new skills."

I am dedicated and committed to instilling a love of learning in children. I conduct this through intentional and explicit learning lessons whilst capitalising on the strengths and interests of children,as well as a play based program; both individually and in Groups. Please feel comfortable to share your intimate knowledge of your child so that we can maximise learning outcomes for your child. Connected and in collaboration, we will all celebrate the successes of your child in our Kindergarten program


Our Teachers for 2019

Miss Hannah - Lead Educator
Miss Kaitlyn  - Assistant Educator

Junior Kindy
Miss Tracey - Lead Educator
Miss Jessica - Assistant Educator

Miss Peta - Assistant Educator

Pre Kindy
Miss Kylie - Lead Educator

Miss Wendy - Assistant Educator


Mrs Schafer- Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Samantha - Assistant Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Natasha -  Assistant Educator

Support Educators at the Centre
Miss Kathy
Miss Sue

Miss Diane

Miss Sandra
Miss Jackie

Miss Kayla

Miss Salisa

For more information on our childcare service in Torquay, Hervey Bay please contact us or complete our online enquiry form.


I can't speak highly enough of the Director and staff at Torquay Kids. As a parent it is incredibly reassuring to know that the people looking after your children show such warmth and enthusiasm. The whole team are exceptional in every way and I can't thank them enough.


The quality of care is above standard. All educators dedicate their knowledge to ensure the children are well looked after.

Scott Merlo

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