Why us

Children’s perspectives, interests and strengths are used as the foundation of our educational program. We use this to guide our daily practices and connections within our own community. At its core is its powerful image and deep respect for the culture of childhood as a time for learning and for its strong belief that children, educators and families all work together in the process of building knowledge.

We allow children to develop a sense of wellbeing where they feel encouraged to explore every aspect of their world.

Our educators are passionate about providing positive outcomes for all children in our care, encouraging and assisting them to become capable and confident lifelong learners.

Toddlers Play Centre
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Our values and beliefs align with a Play Based Curriculum focusing on promoting natural elements, play theory and Reggio Emilia inspired practices using an Emergent style approach.

We are influenced by the belief that children have rights; and aspire to support them in building knowledge about our local culture and history, as well as the future direction of our world, in order that they are able to contribute.

We believe it is the right of every child to be part of a community that respects them and believes they are competent individuals who are viewed as co-contributors in the process of learning.

Our educators are selected for their passion to believe in the possibilities of what can happen when we trust and respect the capabilities of children.