Discover Your Centre for Early Education and Family Day Care in Hervey Bay

Torquay Kids family daycare in Hervey Bay offers early learning programs for children from 15 months to five years of age with comprehensive facilities and caring professionals who support all areas of early childhood development. We address each child’s developmental needs and provide a supportive, trusting setting in which children can learn and grow. Ready to begin?

Benefits of Torquay Kids’ Hervey Bay Family Day Care

Childcare is an essential aspect of any child’s early development, allowing your little ones to build a foundation for learning social and educational skills.
  • Our team of educators provide a challenging and supportive learning environment with high-quality pedagogical approaches that adapt to the changing needs, interests, and abilities of each child.
  • We have a range of amenities in our centre that allow children the opportunity to explore new experiences, interact with nature, play, collaborate, and socialise to develop key aspects of their early learning.
  • By offering daycare programs for babies all the way through to kindergarten-age kids, we ensure that your children can grow with us through the years. We enhance their level of trust with caring educators who cater to their learning support needs as they develop.

What Sets Torquay Apart As a Fraser Coast Family Day Care Centre?

Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre is proud to offer children an individualised, culturally-sensitive educational program with Fraser Coast facilities designed to encourage experiential learning.
  • Our program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. Our team of professionals works to foster a community around early childhood development that places the children and their parents and guardians at the centre of self-directed, experiential education.
  • Our facilities offer children many opportunities for creativity, exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning. They’ll love our sun-protected waterpark, mud kitchen, outdoor creative arts studio, vegetable and flower gardens, bicycle and scooter play area, and class pets.
  • We provide an inclusive and culturally-aware education that acknowledges the local Butchella people and Elders as the traditional custodians of the land. We teach children about the culture, history, and traditions of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to encourage cultural-aware citizens from an early age.

About Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre

Since 2011, Torquay Kids Early Learning Centre has been providing a caring, loving environment in which children can learn and grow with individual support for their developmental needs. Our educators are passionate about their work and have extensive training and experience in early childhood development to guide your children to reach their full potential in these early, formative years of learning and growth. From 2015 to 2018, we were recognised with awards from the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority for educational excellence. We strive to maintain exceptionally high standards by providing each child that we teach with a safe, supportive setting in which to learn. If you have questions about our programs or enrolment in Fraser Coast, contact us today to unlock one-on-one support.